We don’t need to know the way home

Actually we probably do but that’s not the most pressing part of tomorrow’s adventure.

At 8am tomorrow morning a 7 seater car will be delivered to the teacher’s flats, ready for Chloe (P.E. teacher) to drive us to the Serengeti. We have no guide, no map, no safari hats (yet) but a rough idea of where we need to be headed and a packed lunch including Pimms and mini apple turnovers with cream. What could go wrong?

I’m taking a note pad and pencil so I can update you if and when we return…

Check back on Wednesday or Thursday to see who (if anyone) was eaten by lions and who was mauled by a warthog.

In the meantime, why not have ago at making one of my recipes on my secondary blog www.overhillsandmakingcakes.wordpress.com ?

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