Near, far, in our motor car…

I’m staying with my brother Richard and his girlfriend Liz in the village I was born in.

I’m one of five, the middle one, and Richard is the next child down. He’s 27 now, but in many respects he’s still about 5 or 15.  He’s an excellent whistle player, but a bit too shy at the moment to play in public (working on it though), one of the best stonemasons to come out of Moulton College in the last few years and he can unicycle.

At the moment he makes carbon fibre parts for Formula One cars and he uses his skills and opportunity to restore his 1980 MK 1 Golf. He loves it and Liz very patiently sits by and watches him pour his time and money into it.

He’s done really well with it, when he bought it 10 years ago it had lots of mechanical problems, ripped interior and faded paintwork.  And this is what he’s done with it:

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