I’m a time traveler. I point and laugh at archaeologists.

I realise that I’ve been rather neglectful of this and my other blog recently.  After festival season drew to a close for me I had a frustrating 10 days or so when I was waiting for my new job to start. I had no formal structure to my time, and I am not a person who copes well with extended periods of structureless time.  I tend to end up sitting until 3 in the morning having done nothing.   And I did for a few nights, so I didn’t think I’d write about it.  So I didn’t.  But now I have some structure again.

New job? Why yes, I have one.  I am now working at Brackley Library, technically as customer service, but I’ve decided to put myself in charge of getting more children into the library.

Everyone who works there seem very nice and all interesting in their own way, different types of people there so it should be fun getting to know them and building up what is going on there.

Today was the Library Autumn Fete, tombola, mug making, book sale and chocolate orange brownies hiding in the cake sale.  It raised a fair bit of money and lots of people came in, so a good first weekend there, a bit different to the week day experience. 


I’ve been in touch with a few local schools and hope to be visiting them all to encourage the children to come in and I’ve started making bits and bobs.  I’ve got plans for some literacy projects (although for some reason I can no longer pronounce the word ‘literacy’ properly, I’m sticking with ‘English’ from now on).  I’m going to see if we can devise some extra options for the schools to come in and visit and get some of the teenagers volunteering too.


It’s good to be able to get on with starting projects so early on and I hope that more people will come in and use the library for one purpose and then find something else to stick around for.  I love that library.  I used to spend ages there as a child and it’s a place that introduced me to so many of the books I’ve read and re-read since.  And so I’m now going to spend my time trying to re-create and extend that for some actual youngsters of today.


And at the same time I’m bumping into (hopefully not literally) faces from the past, people from school, old teachers, it’s a little odd, especially since I’ve really only spent a week or so at a time here in the last ten years.


As part of my research into what the schools are after I was asked to be part of the MCS alumni day, so I’ll be talking about myself to teenagers for a morning.  Not going to be too much of a problem – I just have to talk about what I’ve been up to in the last ten years since leaving school. And maybe put together a little powerpoint. I’ll probably put it up here when I’m done.


(Well done if you’ve spotted the relevence of today’s blog post title by the way.  I may explain next time…)



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