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I put a link to this on a facebook community page and it sparked off an interesting debate.  Eventually it got into a very heated discussion about the use of the word ‘pikey’ to describe members of travelling communities.  People were stating their views very strongly and some others were getting offended and hurt by it so I decided to delete the post and all the responses.

I did have email alerts set up with each reply sent to me, so I thought I’d put a few up here, names of contributors removed please let me know what you agree or disagree with in the comments below. (I will give each person a colour instead of a name so that you can see some of the back and forth).

Blue: 1) Love Avenue Q.
2) You’re right. It is offensive. Even if you are supremely right wing and have a swastika tattooed on your face, you should know better than to post a comment like that on Facebook. I have called people up on much less overtly racist things… including one friend who naively asked for a list of ‘appropriate names for mixed race children’ …

Red: It’s never right, always challenge people with such stupid attitudes. But if I’m truthful I’m surprised your friends !

Green: Racism is vile, nasty and indefensible.

Orange: I hate all types of racism,and the names that go with them…I cringe when people say Pikey, let alone any of the others. It is a way of packaging people rather than learning about them, a way of making yourself feel you are better than someone else…….sad very sad

Yellow: keeping silent when someone says something racist or acts in a racist way is just condoning the prejudice.

Purple: Also take into consideration peoples life experiences ! myself and my wife have had numerous bad experiences with travelers being ripped off, stolen from and threatened! also having my parents intimidated , so I would use the term Pikey as I distrust them totally and I know a lot of people with similar experiences , If your friend has had similar experiences with native Australians perhaps give her a little slack but If people are racist against everyone with a different culture to them selves just for the sake of it that is totally wrong !! I know people may say there are very nice travelers , I would not argue I am sure there are but from my life experience I am wary…

Turquoise: Unfortunately a lot of it comes down to bad experiences, it’s hard to trust anyone as it is but if you’ve had a bad experience it just makes it all so much worse, but having said that although you have your reasons for it i do feel you should keep it to yourself or at least be a bit kinder with words especially all over facebook but then in that moment of rage people do and say things without thinking and sadly people get hurt along the way 😦

Yellow: My concept of racism is to condemn or mistrust someone totally because of their race or culture without considering the individual. It’s this harmful way of thinking that makes people suspect that every Muslim must be a terrorist or that every Irishman must be a member of the IRA and to be feared.

Me: I can understand your point Purple, it does very much depend on your experiences. However I don’t think I can cut her some slack in this case, one child misbehaving at a party can in no way have justified what she has said and she also thinks it’s ok to say it because she is an Australian citizen now. I have been treated badly by some white British men, but it doesn’t mean that I will now say that they are all the same and should all be mistrusted, any more than if it had been Chinese men, Italian or Norwegians.

Purple: Strange I remember my dad telling me he wanted a German car in the 60’s but was concerned it would be controversial even 20 years after the war !! there was no logical reason to think that way just human nature of a bad experience …

Jade: I’ve seen racism on [this site] quite a few times, unfortunately! :/

Purple: Fair point Ellie , that is a lame reason for her comments , and what Yellow said makes total sense in my head , but through my experiences every time a traveler comes into my office I am on my guard and not at ease .

Copper: are you sure her account hasn’t been hacked? I can’t understand anybody actually writing that……….

Turquoise: Times are changing and I think racism isn’t as bad as it used to be we are just more aware of it now, my Nan’s generation was awful (not all i’m not being racist towards them but again down to experiences) and they were so open about it, I took my dog over to see my Nan when he was a pup and I couldn’t believe how she described him I was absolutely mortified and actually very embarrassed but I still told her off lol xx

Silver: A bad experience is never a good reason to dismiss an entire race or gender. I generally find that anyone who starts a sentence “I’m not being racist/sexist/offensive” are generally about to be racist, sexist or offensive, 😀 we live in a free society, which means we can say stupid or horrible things. But I think your friends comment verges on hate discrimination, and worse it’s hate discrimination toward children.

Copper: I can understand racism on certain levels ( understand, not condone)ie when people have differing religious/political ideaologies- BUT i have never been able to come close to understanding where colour prejudice comes from- her comments re the colour of a CHILD’s skin say more about her than they do about the child….

Jade: I had an awful experience as a child when chased and almost attacked by a couple of dogs belonging to some members of the travelling community. I’ve grown up to be a huge dog lover, and have absolutely no prejudices against travellers (unlike many [of this group’s] members from what I have seen on here) experiences only change your views if you let them. If you take a bad experience and blame an entire race, you’re not a good person with bad experiences…you’re just a bad person.

Silver: There is a lovely, simple quote in The Fire Next Time, by James Baldwin that sums up your friends post perfectly. “Whoever debases others is debasing himself”.

Pink: We don’t live in Australia. .. .although her comments were offensive were they really racist? …I have friends & family in OZ where it’s the norm to call the aborigines abos, or n***ers, half breeds what ever, & they call my friends/family chalkies, pale man, dead walkers etc?!?…I have many traveller friends which is the ‘Norm’ to greet them with a friendly…’Hey Pikey’ or such like & they come back with all sorts in response/jesting & having a laugh. ….I don’t necessary agree that she’s right in saying about spitting on them,& very wrong to include children, but alot of the natives refer to themselves by such a name

Yellow: It’s the context of the statement that is racist, not just the actual terminology. One can be meant as a term of endearment, the other as malicious.

Turquoise: Jade, I’m pleased you are one of the ones not affected by your experience, maybe if the attack had actually happened things could have been different I don’t know but at the same time you can’t call someone a bad person because they may be living in fear because of something they can’t get over, that’s unfair 😦 It really depends on how bad and how many experiences you’ve had, a friend of mines daughter has just had an absolutely horrendous experience on a bus and has left the poor girl in a terrible state and her mother absolutely livid, sick, and scared for her baby girl, will she ever forgive and trust again…. No… I really don’t think she will, she now has her guard up to protect her own, and I don’t know if I can blame her, no it doesn’t make it right but you kind of have to sympathise with her situation, but I really don’t think this girl had an experience to warrant this kind of behavior 😦 I do feel there are people that use racist comments far too freely and this is unacceptable.

Plum: The aborigines were there before the Australian people should pay them respect

Amber: I see things on my page that would offend many as I have many friends from all walks of life and if I think it’s too offensive I hide or delete so no-one can see it on my page, it’s just bad education and media 😦

Lilac: “All that is required for evil to flourish is that good men do nothing” can’t remember who said it but it’s true, if we allow people to think small, racist comments are acceptable we’re on the road to another holocaust. You have to speak out.

[There was then a bit of talk about dogs…]

Lilac: I believe that we all have a deep, ancient instinct to gravitate towards our own tribe and mistrust other tribes and I think this is the form of racism older generations feel.
We shouldn’t confuse this with real racist hatred which I believe is a conscious life choice.
I think we should accept that a tribal instinct is there but do our best to fight it with education and socialising.
The trouble with throwaway racist comments is that they reinforce it when it should be eroded.

Navy: Well said Lilac, there is also a difference between racially aware and prejudice

Blue: Sorry Purple, but I think what you’ve said is quite offensive! Remove the word ‘p*key’ and replace it with any other racial slur – as that is what it is – and it sounds like a typical racist rant. It’s tarring a group of people with the same brush and marking them out based upon nothing other than their background. And that sucks!

Teal: How she can say she is not racist is a joke. I am a white South African and I have lost track of the amount of times I have heard “I am not racist…BUT…….” Bullshit – the fact that you have had to point out their race to start with indicates a need to draw attention to their race….why not say ” dirty people and their dirty children” – the fact that she says she could spit on them to clean them indicates that she feels that they are not worth even offering them water to clean themselves – that she would rather spit on them – she then goes on to call them disgusting. She is disgusting for calling their race into play – no need to do that unless you want people to know your disdain towards that particular group of people – however she states that she is not racist though – well she is certainly being discriminatory towards Aboriginal people in particular and one could deem that as rather racist. I have deleted people off FB for less – dont need negativity and ignorance like that in my life…..was raised around it and it makes my toes curl. I see it here too – but it is ususally also masked with some excuse or stereotype to make it “less racist”.

Purple: Sorry Blue but that is wrong I am not basing my apprehension of Travelers on just there background at all as I said – on different occasions Theft, Abuse , threatening my wife, not paying for the work I have done for them, intimidating my parents and forcing them to pay for ripping out there drive before they were told to do so with my father on his death bed literally , and death threats I have had this experience with over a dozen individuals from the traveler community , I always treat people how they treat me despite colour background etc ! but after so much grief and abuse as I said I have good reason to be distrustful

Pink: Travellers, Gypsies, Romanies, Pikies. …they’re the same as us. …good or bad, in a caravan or truck, travelling from one place to the next or stationary. …

Blue: My point is… just because someone of a certain background has done something does something, it does not mean that every person from that background is the same. Nor does it make it ok to use offensive slurs to describe them, does it?

[And this is where it started taking off a bit more, which led to my deleting the post]

Topaz: I pick up my rubbish, don’t go and live on other peoples properties including sports clubs and hospital car parks, send my kids to school and pay my taxes – I am not the same as a traveller, gypsie, romanie or pikie.

Jade: ^^^ prime example of ‘tarring everyone with the same brush’

Topaz: Yep, because they provide plenty of examples of it.

Jade: Oh, they must all be the same then! I’m sure you’ve met every single traveller in the world and that’s why you feel you have the right to brand them all with these stereotypes 🙂

Topaz: If you can have an opinion without meeting every traveller in the world any reason I can’t?

Teal: as the incredibly wise Robert Nesta Marley (known as Bob Marley) once sang “One Love, One Heart…lets get together and feel alright”. People are different. People from other cultures look at our Western Culture and are shocked that we lead such consumerist, money driven, superficial (for the most part) lives….what unites us all – it that in our difference – we are all the same….we are all human and how we dress that up is up to choice and circumstance. The sooner we all just play nice and accept each other a bit more – the better really x

Jade: I don’t have an opinion on any ‘group’ of people, I have opinions on individual people. I don’t judge other people by what people of the same culture, etc. have done, because that is ridiculous.

Topaz: It’s not at all ridiculous, it is entirely normal.

Jade: I could say, based on some comments I’ve seen on this site (not just today, but on several occasions) that everyone in [town] is racist. But of course, that is not at all true, and would be a ridiculous statement.

Topaz; I think everybody had some racism in them so again we disagree.

Jade: I certainly do not.

Topaz: has sorry not meant to be past tense.

Ruby: Once again I hold up my hand and say I am part traveller and I am disgusted and offended by the terms used on here. I can hardly report it though, can I – with the greatest of respect the admin here is probably a little biased!

[I’ve removed a little that wasn’t moving the conversation along]

Jade: Topaz, may I ask you something? Do you believe that Ruby litters everywhere, lives on other peoples properties, doesn’t send her kids to school and doesn’t pay taxes. Based on your previous comments, this must be exactly what you think of her! :/

Topaz: lets hope not hey.. but being part traveller is hardly relevant to living the lifestyle.

Teal: peoples lifestyles in themselves are hardly a problem – people need to learn to be more accepting of difference and choice…there is nothing wrong with living a nomadic lifestyle – this is practised world over….and if it works for people then that is fantastic – wish I could do it – how cool to wake up in a new place every few weeks! However – I digress! lol – the point is – the lifestyle is not the issue – it is the behaviour of people. Any people acting or behaving in “unsavoury” ways are unpleasant to us all. This does not mean people living in pretty houses, sending their kids to a “normal” school etc are nice folk either – it just means they can hide their dirty laundry better than those who are in a minority group and lets be honest – when it comes to the Travelling community – already stereotyped and demonised. Personally I have no views for or against – I too have my own stories of Travellers – no more or no less than I do of people around the world where I have travelled and lived – who have been reprehensible x

Ruby: My lovely grandfather gave up travelling to be with my nan. He bought up my aunt and mum in a house, worked every day of his adult life, paid taxes and fought for YOUR liberty as a soilder the British Army. His parents brought him up to be kind, respectful and hardworking, no matter what your lifestyle choice. Because of his influence my aunt and mum were never in trouble with the police, nor have any of his grandchildren. I am extraordinarily proud of my wonderful, kind, respectful ROMANY grandfather

Chesnut: Hmmm…it can be a toughie. My husband was raised as a traveller- he was born in a caravan- and I’ve just told him about this debate and his words were…’I wouldn’t trust a pikey.’ As far as he is concerned the travelling community has changed a great deal over the years and no longer shares the sense of commradery it did before. Things change and sometimes not for the better. Not every traveller is a bad person, the problem is is that the good folk tend to keep to themselves and get on with every day life, the bad eggs cause trouble which people notice and share…

Topaz: Living in a house and paying taxes and fighting in the war are very good things to be proud of but not associated with todays travellers so not sure I’ve said anything to slate him and his choices.

Ruby: Why is living in a house something to be proud of? My whole family is proud of our heritage and that’s why what you have said is so offensive

Blue: Aawwww come on guys this was posted as a debate, we all have different opinions and experiences i think this is just a great opportunity to try and understand other peoples feelings, it’s great to have opinions it helps us to understand and take things into perspective if you have the time to listen it’s what makes us an individual, after all it’s our own experiences that guide us through life, and it is a completely natural thing to hold your guard up, we all do, the animal world, insect world whatever world we all hold our guard up sometimes, it takes time to trust all walks of life xxx

Teal: It all comes down again to what you are exposed to and what is “normal” in a persons paradigm. Personally I have far more respect for cultures around the world who are self sustaining and live on very little – very little waste as a result. Us Westerners have this idea that because we live in a house, educate our chlldren in a school, work in jobs that that is somehow better than living on the land, being self sustainable, teaching our children the value of life and to live in harmony with nature etcetc. I am programmed to live in this society but think we have sooooo much to learn from other societies/ our communitys/ other cultures and races….so before we all go generalising on various cultures (African, Aboriginal, American….whatever…) lets see that they are doing the same back – so maybe its time to stop doing that and just appreciate each others difference. People are usually hostile to things they dont understand due to fear of the unknown

Ruby: I’m sorry but why should I just sit here and let bigots on here insult my heritage? If I was Jewish or black or Asian it wouldn’t be tolerated so I’m standing up shallow minded racism on here. Some of the attitudes on here are sick and in not going to sit back and let some shallow minded racists generalise the people my family originates from

Topaz: Erm but you are not a traveller and never had been.

Ruby: People are also hostile because they are small minded. It’s no excuse and I refuse to sit back and let it happen. What does it matter if I have never travelled? I wouldn’t agree with your racism even if i wasn’t related to a traveller. Your attitude is abhorrent

Topaz: bigots, shallow minded, small minded lots of name calling going on there and no need we are all entitled to our views and nothing particularly extreme expressed.

Ruby: No there is no need for name calling so please take some of your own advice and stop using the word pikey

Topaz: Thinking pikies litter, don’t pay taxes and camp on other peoples land is abhorrent? Get a grip.

Jade: Nothing particularly extreme expressed? Were you sleep-typing when you posted the blatant racism towards the travelling community?

Topaz: Pikey is perfectly acceptable terminology to me and hasn’t been aimed at any individual on here.

Teal: Having an immediate family member who was part of a community means that Ruby does indeed originate from and has heritage in that community. Anyone is going to feel defensive and hurt if their heritage – that means part of their identity – is called into question…there are dickheads in all communities – but the original post was questioning whether or not that was acceptable – whatever race/culture etc – and the overriding majority agreed that it was not. Every country seem to have a minority group that they scapegoat to avoid looking at their own shortcomings and in Oz it is the Aboriginal people and here it can be the Travelling community or the Pakistani people (although I have to laugh that people from India etc) are also referred to as the “P” work (shows peoples ignorance really)….chuckle…..Ruby – take the high ground here sister as you can never change people – only your response to them! xx Peace

Ruby: Not all travellers are like that though! Just the same as not all people who live in houses in market towns are nice people

Topaz: No peace coming from them..

Jade: Lol, of course its not aimed at an individual. There doesn’t seem to be such a thing as an individual to you. Everyone is put into categories, and each category is exactly the same. That’s what I’ve got from your comments, anyway!

Silver: Hate incidents as well as crimes are taken very seriously now. It’s worth considering that verbal abuse, offensive jokes, online abuse, bullying and intimidation because of race, religion, disability or sexual orientation are all addressed by the law. If our countries laws indicate that such events are worthy of police time, than perhaps they shouldn’t happen the first place? I don’t know Australian Law but in the UK that comment made by your friend, Ellie Skinner is not on, as defined by law.

Ruby: Exactly Jade and Teal. I have really appreciated your sensible and sensitive approach to how this makes me feel. Thank you

Topaz: Hate against anti pikies is hate too 😉

Teal: ummm yeah Topaz – those views are pretty extreme – honest but extreme and valid in some cases as they would be in any community – we all know people we would rather not live next to in our own community – so I guess the point is someone has felt offended by the name Pikey – so be respectful and dont use it….feel free to be factual about any incidents that have directly affected you with any group of people but I think using terms like Pikey, Paki are designed to be derogatory and therefore hurtful to others – easy enough to just not use them and we all have to be mindful that although we see the worst of a community – it is also a small portion of that community. In South Africa the society tried raise me (not my parents thank goodness) to see black people as second class citizens – not even human to some people – and look how that has damaged generations upon generations. Its just a choice to stop and think about how those comments impact negatively

Topaz: Annoying as I can’t remember who said it but was on the radio today – just because somebody takes offence doesn’t mean they are right.

Ruby: I completely sympathise with the people who have had negative experiences with the travelling community but likewise I have had issues with people who live in houses. What I really take offence to generalisation and offensive colloquisms used to describe other communities and races

Blue: But if someone is knowingly being offensive, they’re very very rarely right, surely?

Topaz: It’s not offensive.

Ruby: Topaz, would you be offended if someone made a generalisation about you because of the colour of your skin, because if where you work or live or what country you are from? I am offended therefore you are being offensive

Topaz: No you are being sensitive and I shouldn’t have to cater to that.

Purple: I sincerely apologise for offence caused ruby I think most me included have no issues with traditional Romany gypsies travelling around earning a honest living but as Chesnut said a lot of travellers are not what they were 50 years ago putting my own experiences aside , reports of communities being ruined by large groups of travellers taking over people’s land avoiding taxes and the rest of us paying taxes which found hundreds of thousand trying to evict them and having to pay 2 million in legal fees , also documentaries on massively organized crime through some traveller communities preying on the old and weak ! I cannot think of any other group of people that attract so much bad press and distrust , obviously there are good and bad in every community , if travellers want to improve there image they need to work at it . But it is a real shame for the genuine honest travellers I am sure if I had more experience of them I may think different My daughter has a traveller girl in her class who she likes so maybe my opinion may be changed yet …..

Topaz: Do you seriously think people haven’t made generalisations about me?

Jade: Being sensitive? Topaz, you are being racist.

Topaz: Has anybody not had genralisatioins made about them? More personal abuse, can you guys just stick to commenting on YOUR views and not name call?

Jade: Everyone has generalisations. Does that make it ok? Does that mean we should accept it?

Blue: What cannot be disputed is that the word p*key is offensive to those you are addressing by it, the same as I would be offended to be called a n*gger. Both words are racial slurs, and I’m at a loss as to how anyone can defend the choice to use them in modern Britain.

Ruby: So surely you can understand why I find your comments hurtful?

Teal: I think you are being completely reasonable Ruby – the bottom line is this – no one has the right to make a judgement on anyone – we all do it cause we are human and fallable but we are all just mirrors of each other – we are all born, we all live with trials and tribulations and we die – how we chose to live out our lives is up to the individual….the nicer you are to everyone, the more accepting you are, the more accepting and tolerant to strive to be – the happier you are….so for those of us striving – good for us x Ruby as I say – you cant change someones opinion – that is a personal journey of growth – but you can change your response to it…. xxxx

Topaz: No, as when you first took offence I copied your use of all terminology. The names levelled at me though have been at me and me only and are insulting, aiming a generalised commonly used term is no where near as offensive as that but no apology coming my way.

Silver: The quote was probably Stephen Frys ““It’s now very common to hear people say, ‘I’m rather offended by that.’ As if that gives them certain rights. It’s actually nothing more… than a whine. ‘I find that offensive.’ It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. ‘I am offended by that.’ Well, so f*****g what.” I’ve seen him on twitter commenting how often it is misused by people trying to “win” the Internet. Racism isn’t about offending someone, it is about dehumanising someone. The very moment you think you are a better person than another because of their race, you are a racist. The moment you try and tell someone they are not of a certain race because they don’t act with a perceived notion that you have than you a racist. Defined in morals as well as semantics.

Ruby: I appreciate your apology Purple. I hope that your mind is changed. I understand that people have negative experiences with certain travellers – it is well documented that there are many unpleasant incidents involving travellers but they are not all the same and that is what is so offensive

Teal: I think the problem is that in every country the groups that are “disliked” for want of a better word aquire derogatory names and until the majority square up and say “this is not acceptable” it will continue to happen. Lets hope we all teach our kids better x

Jade: Hang on. So you’re getting offended because I used a word that was aimed at you in response to a word PERSONALLY used against someone else? eh? Well Teal, I’m here now saying that Topaz’s comments are not in the slightest bit acceptable 🙂

Topaz: No my word was a generally and widely used against a group of people you are getting personal which I have refrained from doing to you .

Jade: You told Ruby that she was sensitive. I told you that you are racist. Care to explain the difference? 🙂

Topaz: Personally I think the majority will square up and say to the pikey community what they are doing is not acceptable but just my opinion which I will now be named called for having… Ruby is not a traveller and is sticking up for something that does not relate to her grandad, I said we are all racist.

Blue: Topaz can you genuinely not see that any racial slur, regardless of how offensive you might find it, is a bad idea?

Olive: Exactly what I was thinking Jade!!X

Jade: And I wasn’t name calling, I was stating a fact. Racism is defined by google as: “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.” That is EXACTLY what you were doing. So as I said, it wasn’t name calling, it was fact. If anything, what you said to Wend was closer to ‘name calling’!

Ruby: N*gger was a generally and widely used word at the beginning of the 20th century. Was that acceptable? My grandfather WAS a traveller – he traveled until he was 18

Topaz: It was when it was used Ruby and untiil 18? Now you are kidding me aren’t you?

Ruby: Eh? It was acceptable?! And what do you mean, am I kidding you? I said earlier he gave up when he met my nan

Teal: what they are doing is another issue altogether – maybe if we stopped calling them pikeys they may acutally want to engage in a dialogue with us to discuss how we can co-exist more harmoniously but I can tell you if a community is calling me or my people by a derogatory term I am not inclined to respond kindly to that community and then STALEMATE….lets start by just dropping the term Pikey and use Traveller – that may be move in the right direction. In South Africa the word “Kaffir” was used liberally to describe (in no polite way) a black person. It is now considered an ethnic slur in law and no allowed….very frowned upon in fact. Of course you still have people who use it – but I consider them “unsavoury” types – perhaps these terms will die out altogether – well they will If we stop using them

Topaz: He didn’t as an adult chose to be a traveller>

Jade: Ruby may not have been a traveller, but her grandfather was. If you told me your grandfather was Irish and I said that he must be an alcoholic, I’m sure you would take offence!

Topaz: My father was Irish 🙂 Not sure Irish are associated with being alcoholics though, that is very 70s I think and very racist tut lol

Teal: and so what if he had chosen to be a traveller?

Topaz: He wasn’t ginger either … [RE: Teal’s comment] Then the association would have a bit more merit as it is it’s very tentative and the offence equally so.

Jade: My grandfather is Irish, I would be very offended if someone assumed he was an alcoholic, but there is a stigma attached to Irish people and drinking that stupid, ignorant people assume is associated with every Irish person out there!

Topaz: You are harking back decades in order to be offended now

Jade: Topaz your general attitude is harking back decades! We are in the 21st century where people are supposed to be protected from racist comments such as yours!

Topaz: And anti social behaviour such as the pikeys.

Jade: Can you honestly not see how disgusting some of your comments are?

Teal: so then Topaz – it is clear you have no intention of ceasing to use the term pikey despite the fact that it is upsetting people…

Topaz: The insults haven’t stopped coming my way…

Jade: What insults?! The only things that you may have taken offence at are facts about what you are doing and saying!

Topaz: Ah facts now are they…

Olive: Ladies. This woman is not worth your time anymore. Whats the point..! Completely understand that blatant racism needs to be addressed and discussed.. But she is so not worth anymore of your time.

Jade: and if you are insulted by that, you must know deep down that your comments are horrible!

Topaz: Your opinion as mine are not facts.

Jade: Yes, facts. The fact being that you are a racist which I’ve already proven with a dictionary definition LOL

Topaz: Wow why when I said I think we all are?

Jade: Would you like me to define traveller for you? It says: a person who is travelling or who often travels.

Topaz: Not a pikey then@

Jade: No where in there does it say anything about littering, anti-social behaviour, or anything else you have said. So no, your comments are not facts.

Topaz: Facts no I called you up on calling them facts, they are opinions. Try the urban dictionary ‘)

Emerald: I hope some of these comments are being made in jest, merely to a rise from the community. Surely there are not still reasonable, intelligent people who believe in generalising an ethnic minority or race. There is good and bad in each group of people, I appreciate that if you have a bad experience your view may be tainted. However for every bad experience there are people having good ones. Live and let live. Not all dog walkers leave poo on the pavement but some do, not all boy racers are boys….

Jade: How on earth is it an opinion when your original comment was an exact example that completely reflects a dictionary definition? Lol!

Emerald: Live and let live and appreciate the differences we all bring

Topaz: Lol I’ve been to Australia and witnessed the problem there maybe should have commented on that lol

Jade: Ok, I will lay it out for you in black and white Topaz lol.
These were the first few comments.

Topaz – I pick up my rubbish, don’t go and live on other peoples properties including sports clubs and hospital car                                parks, send my kids to school and pay my taxes – I am not the same as a traveller, gypsie, romanie or pikie.

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Jade ^^^ prime example of ‘tarring everyone with the same brush’

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Topaz Yep, because they provide plenty of examples of it.

Jade: So, you have tarred everyone with the same brush. And to some up the dictionary definition, it ultimately says that racism is tarring everyone with the same brush. Do you get it now?

[At this point as I’d had a private discussion with Ruby and noticed that this was just getting to be a back and forth between two contributors who are never going to agree I decided to delete the thread.]

Me: Well this has been an interesting discussion and I’ve had lots of productive feedback, so thank you for that… We now seem to have reached an empasse and so I think it’s time to draw it to a close. I’m sorry that you’ve been upset Ruby.

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