Blood is thicker than water (except when it isn’t)

A lovely lady adopting a brilliant little boy!

Life Changed That Day

At the beginning, a colleague unkindly and unnecessarily informed me that the bond between myself and my monster would never be the same as any ‘normal’ mother and her birthchild. My mind flailed at this and despite groping around for a fitting response I found none, for what can one say in the face of such stark ignorance, such cruel effrontery? Afterwards I was angry at myself for not having confronted the ridiculous claim, murmuring instead some vague nothing, and I forgive myself only now after having thoroughly ripped the conversation to shreds numerous times and remembering that my monster had, at the time, only been living with me for a matter of weeks and that I was therefore not very confident in my own parenting skills. Also, I can only ever think of kick-ass retorts days after friction-filled conversations.

It amuses me sardonically now to behold those poor fools…

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