Let’s get it started…

I’ve now realised a bit more that in a month I’ll be in Bangkok and as of yet I’ve booked no accomodation for any of my trip and I should really get on and do stuff like, you know, get a backpack and visas and things.

Unfortunately, or fortunately in terms of funding, I’m doing lots of overtime at the moment and so have about 8 days off before I go and 3 of them are taken up with travelling to my fake 30th birthday in Newcastle (more on that next week), one is going to be busy having the doctor’s appointment for malaria pills (had all my jabs for Tanzania, should probably get Japanese Encephalitis vaccine but not sure I can before I go) and getting my hair dyed for my birthday party and one more is going to London to watch a Sondheim show, and possibly the Tori Amos musical. 

I will be getting some bits and bobs from Newcastle, as it’s the most simple shopping option when I need to get a bus to Banbury and then a train to Oxford. Otherwise, online looks best for finding the little things that I might overlook on one busy shopping day.


I’m trying to get a Youth Hostel card, but am apparently not eligible for one! So that’s a phone call on Monday.  I’m waiting for my pre-pay Mastercard to come through so I can top that up. And I’m looking at booking somewhere for Reykjavik (unless anyone with Icelandic ties can offer a bed or suggestions of who could) as it’s my last stop and I’m going to want to have that sorted. Especially when the flight gets in just before midnight!


So now I’m looking at Visas.  I thought my American Visa was booked with my flights, but it wasn’t so thanks to the lovely people at STA Oxford (where I booked my tickets) it will be on Monday.  My Australian Visa is also sorted now, but I do get confused as to where I need a Visa for and the immigration sites of some countries aren’t exactly clear.  But after reading a link about travel rules to ignore from a friend on Facebook, I came upon the site VisaMapper.  It’s brilliant!  It shows you at a glance where you are exempt from Visas, where you can get one on arrival, where you apply electronically and where you need to sort one before arrival.  As a UK citizen (or British subject, whichever you prefer) I’m pretty lucky in that I’m not barred from anywhere, I’m not expected to jump through many hoops.  So that’s good.


I’m getting my computer serviced so it’s ready to go away with, I’m sorting out all the chargers and cables needed for various bits and bobs, got a money belt, some guide books and a Thai phrase book to learn a bit for when I land.


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