You’ve gotta get a gimmick…

I’ve managed to get myself a little bit sorted out now – I’ve bought a back pack, packed it, un-packed it a but, left everything on my bed in the vain hope that it will sort itself out.  I’ve got a room in a Travelodge for the night before my flight, I’ve got Mum taking me to London in her Mystery Machine, ta Mum.  I’ve even gone so far as to book a hostel for my first few nights in Bangkok.  I know crazy, eh?  And in 20 minutes I’ll be off for my hepatitis A booster.

Well now I’m obviously procrastinating because I’ve yet to get up, have shower, get dressed, but I have come up with something to do in the next two weeks – make myself a travel companion!


I realise that this will make me a bit of a saddo, but I think it will amuse me, if no-one else, if I have something to take with me to take pictures of in interesting places.  It could be a cultural and twitter phenomenon (it won’t be).

So instead of buying a teddy and taking pictures of it that I could use for teaching purposes, I’m going to make a travelling companion out of felt. Because I can do that sort of thing. I know what I wold like to make already, but I’d like your input please, so comments below.  First one to get it right will win some sort of prize yet to be decided.

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2 thoughts on “You’ve gotta get a gimmick…

  1. Will your felt companion have a dual purpose? Eg mascot doubles as phone case, place to conceal some cash documents.

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