The 12 days of England

I have 12 days until I leave again for 7 months. 12 days!! How did that happen?  It feels like I’ve barely just returned from Mwanza and off I go again.


In the next 12 days I have to:

  • pack up my stuff and move it from my brother’s to my mum’s house

  • finalize the packing of my backpack

  • get my booster jab – went the other day, it was the wrong day, tomorrow is the right day

  • cancel my unused swimming pool membership

  • sort out the pre-pay debit card top up

  • plan where I’m going after Bangkok

  • baby sit my niece and nephew – get them to watch Toy Story – sorted

  • have my best friend from university visit

  • possibly go to see Coriolanus live at the cinema

  • work out if I need a leaving party at work

  • finish making my felt thing that I’m taking with me – started sewing it and it’s looking cool

  • transfer more music onto my ipod/computer

  • top up the first aid kit

  • find my snorkeling mask and sandals

  • organize my chargers – dull but necessary

  • go to my sister’s for her birthday

  • have a mini school reunion

  • work 6 more shifts at work

  • run one more Rhyme Time – I think I’m going to include ‘Soft kitty, warm kitty’ from The Big Bang Theory

  • stop getting annoyed by awful continuity announcers on BBC3 and E4

  • print off my flight tickets

  • roughly plan my USA trip so I can work out Greyhound bus tickets

  • return my library books

  • cancel my Netflix subscription

  • top up the red streaks in my hair

  • run the last Beginner’s Guide to Blogging session

  • get my anti malarials

  • write things on here that are vaguely entertaining

  • sleep

Think that’s it.  What have I missed?

4 thoughts on “The 12 days of England

  1. I hope your coming to visit us. Plenty of space at our place and we can take you to some interesting places. Like the temple at Borobudur. Just let us know.

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