Songs of the week: 8th March 2014

As it’s International Women’s Day today, I thought I’d theme my songs to fit with that.


At the start of the week I was on a night bus from Chiang Mai in Thailand to Luang Prubang in Laos.  I spent some of my time chatting to my bedmate Liz, an American lady with a thing for yoga and the rest of the time trying to sleep.


I didn’t manage to sleep much as it is a very long and winding road, too twisty to attempt to read the Kindle, and so the trusty ipod was switched on.  But what to listen to?


I’ve got loads of options, but I went for the podcasts from Smithsonian Folkways: Sounds to Grow On, particularly the Songs of Protest edition.  There are loads of interesting songs, many of which no longer feel out of place, sadly, and in the middle was Peggy Seeger.  My choice of song for this post was cemented when at Vientiane Airport I met Lizzie King, who IS an Engineer, has been interning with a company in Laos for tha last 6 months and was heading home.

Gonna be an Engineer

I was at Shepley when that was recorded, standing to the right of Peggy, just off stage, stage managing for her, Norma and Mike Waterson and Martin Carthy.  This was the only time I met Mike, who was hilarious, very sweet and full of mischief.


I love his song Stitch in Time and so that’s my second song for this week.  It’s about a woman taking a stand against her husband in an unsual manner.


Finally for this week, a song that came on at random when I was having a bit of a low moment and it picked me up again.



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