Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move (Part 2)

My bus drive brought me to this magnificent site – Franz Joseph Glacier, on the west coast of the South Island.

The Glacier itself is constantly on the move, slowly edging down the valley, carving out more structure as it goes, carried by the weight of ice and snow that pile up on the top and by the force of Gravity.

At the moment, however, the Glacier is receding, which means it is melting at a faster rate than the ice is being created. In 2008 the Franz Joseph Glacier reached down to the bottom third of this photo, but global warming has seen its melt rate increase in the last 6 years.

The melt water runs down the oceans, increasing the sea level. If the sea level rises many, if not most, island nations will be affected, leading to whole communities and countries being ‘on the move’ to find safe homes.



Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move (Part 2)

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