Spiced Chai Latte Cakes

I got a bit hooked on Chai Latte in Australia last year and have been looking for some over here for ages.  I managed to get Chai tea bags in M&S but have just found the latte powder in Sainsburys  – it’s the Drink Me Chai.

Well I like to experiment with my cooking and so I thought I’d adapt a cake recipe to add it in.


If you’d like a go, this is how I did it.


100g light brown sugar

40g caster sugar

1tsp baking powder

115g plain flour

5g (ish) cocoa powder

40g butter

1 egg

120ml milk

2 tablespoons chai latte powder

pinch of salt


Mix the chai latte powder and milk together and set to one side.

Pre-heat the oven to Gas mark 4, 180 degrees.

Mix the flour, sugars, cocoa, baking powder, salt and butter together until it’s a sandy texture.

Add the egg to the milk mix and then pour half into the dry mix and combine.

Pour in the rest of the milk slowly and mix until you have a smooth consistency.

Share between 12 cases and bake for 10-15 minutes or until a skewer comes out clear. Leave to cool and prepare a butter cream icing – butter, a dash of milk, a drop of vanilla essence, icing sugar and another spoonful of chai latte powder.

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