Weekly photo challenge: Symbol

This is not the most artistic of my photos.  Ideally I’d like to take the blanket up to Hillsborough Park’s Walled Garden to show it off a bit more, but I’ve not got the time.

So why have I chosen this stripy, single bed sized blanket to be my ‘symbol’?

Regular readers will probably be aware that in November last year, I was really ill.  I’d been to the doctors and diagnosed with severe depression.  It was difficult to do anything, to get up, to speak to people, to leave the house.

I stumbled upon Lucy’s crochet blog on Attic24.  I liked her designs, explanations of how to follow the patterns, the sense of calm and peace that was a welcome distraction from feeling shit all the time.

I bought myself the set to make the cosy blanket and got started.  It took about three months overall (with Christmas interrupting the making) but it was therapeutic.  The long lines off crochet, the repetition, the occasional stopping to count and check that I’d not messed it up too much.  It helped me through the days when I couldn’t do anything else.  It was warm and comforting.  It was possible to keep on with it and watch it grow even when I didn’t have the strength to cook for myself.

So the blanket is a symbol of carrying on, trying to get better and being able to complete something when everything inside you is telling you that you can’t.


If you know anyone who is suffering from depression, or you are yourself, then have a look on the NHS Choices website as there’s loads of help available.



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