Taking a new direction

It seems like so many things have changed recently, I broke up with my boyfriend and was made redundant from my job of over two years.

It’s a shame to leave my job but in a way it’s been really freeing because I’ve had the time to decide what I want to do with myself.   I have been looking for part time jobs, no luck yet, but I’ve decided to not worry too much because something always seems to turn up.   But there are sometimes lower points and I’ve found some great support from strangers – members of the Made of Human Podcast Facebook group and the Attic24 Moorland and Moor Facebook group.   It’s lovely to be able to see the brilliant creative things others are doing and have a place to have a little chat with people you don’t necessarily know.

I’ve spent some of my free time making things, having recently made a blanket for my sister’s wedding, another to raffle for a charity and other bits and bobs.  I’ve got back into felting too and have started to make pictures based on pictures I’ve taken on my wanders about all over the place.  I wasn’t sure about what I was making, so I put some pictures up on the Facebook groups and people’s responses were so kind and supportive, I’ve made more and decided to resurrect my Etsy shop that never really took off two years ago!


So alongside whatever part time work I get, I’ll be hopefully starting up a business selling what I make and I’m going to make a concerted effort to write more on this, because writing seems to help!


Please take a look at the Etsy shop and let me know what you think, or better still, buy something!






One thought on “Taking a new direction

  1. The right job will find you when the time’s right 🙂 meanwhile keep making, and building a wee crafty empire. xxx

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