About me

Hello, I’m Ellie, it’s good of you to drop by.
I’m 33, make stuff and do things.   I moved to Newcastle upon Tyne from Northamptonshire, in England, to study folk music and ended up staying for nine years.
In July 2012 I was offered a teaching job in Tanzania and I moved there at the end of August.  This blog was begun to chronicle my adventures there and voice my general musings on things, but during my first 5 weeks in Tanzania my Dad got ill and I had to come back to England briefly.  He died, shortly followed by his mother, in October 2012, so the blog has taken a different turn.
I went off on a 4 month round the world trip and now I live in Sheffield and have decided to leave teaching. It would be great if you’d like to join me by following and commenting on this blog.
Most posts will have a title connected to a film or song.  See if you can spot where they came from.  Please comment if you would like.  Every so often I’ll chuck in a quiz or game too!
I’m amazed that I’ve had over 19,000 reads so far, so thank you and please feel free to share the blog link if you would like to…
If you have a Twitter account, so do I!  Come and say hello.
I have limited photo space on here so I mainly use my flickr account and am just getting into using Pinterest too.

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