All that meat and no potatoes

Today I spent £20.  It seems extravagant, especially considering my accommodation for 6 nights is costing me about £11, but I think it was worth it.

You may agree when you consider that I’ve had lessons, 6 meals of tasty  and that it’s kept me off the streets and out of the sun (mostly).  I had Thai cooking lessons with Baan Thai Cooking.

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Non Traditional Paella

I didn’t intend to go to Spain ever, but I was dragged along to Valencia, Barcelona and then to Madrid by an ex boyfriend and I’m so glad that I was.

In Valencia I first tried deep fried baby octopus, pulpo, in Madrid I had a beautiful platter of cheeses, seafood and cured meats and in Barcelona I had an amazing paella.

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A Simple Tale of Brioche and Goat’s Cheese Salads…

The first tasting

My first experience of brioche was on a ferry to Normandy with my Mum and her friend Linda about 6 years ago.  We were travelling down to stay with Richard, Sue and Hannah who had moved there from East Anglia, we were going for a Morris Dancing holiday.  Mum was driving us and Linda had been put in charge of the picnic for the journey.  She had nipped into some shop I’d never heard of – Aldi – and picked up some apples, fruit juice, a big bag of cooked prawns that we would have to peel, a freshly baked baguette, an avocado and a bag of chocolate chip brioche.