A Philadelphia Story

Nine years ago (nine! blimey, how quickly time flies) my flatmate Claire and I headed to London for a trip to watch plays and meet famous people.  Well, that was our plan and we were definitely going to achieve at least half of it, having bought tickets for Ewan McGregor in Guys and Dolls at the Piccadilly Theatre, Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Ehle in The Philadelphia Story at the Old Vic and Neil Patrick Harris in Jonathan Larson’s Musical Tick Tick Boom! at the Menier Chocolate Factory.


Claire and I were, and actually still are, the type of people who like to get photos with famous people and will normally achieve this by going to a show then rushing around to the stage door and waiting for people to come out.  Sometimes we are in a big crowd and it will be snowing, as it was when we met Queen Dench (have a care with my name, you will wear it out) other times, it would just be us, muttering to each other that perhaps we had made a mistake and were making ourselves look silly.  Should we stay, should we go?  But what if we go now, we’ll miss them by minutes. We usually stayed until we were likely to miss the last transport home.

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