A Philadelphia Story

Nine years ago (nine! blimey, how quickly time flies) my flatmate Claire and I headed to London for a trip to watch plays and meet famous people.  Well, that was our plan and we were definitely going to achieve at least half of it, having bought tickets for Ewan McGregor in Guys and Dolls at the Piccadilly Theatre, Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Ehle in The Philadelphia Story at the Old Vic and Neil Patrick Harris in Jonathan Larson’s Musical Tick Tick Boom! at the Menier Chocolate Factory.


Claire and I were, and actually still are, the type of people who like to get photos with famous people and will normally achieve this by going to a show then rushing around to the stage door and waiting for people to come out.  Sometimes we are in a big crowd and it will be snowing, as it was when we met Queen Dench (have a care with my name, you will wear it out) other times, it would just be us, muttering to each other that perhaps we had made a mistake and were making ourselves look silly.  Should we stay, should we go?  But what if we go now, we’ll miss them by minutes. We usually stayed until we were likely to miss the last transport home.

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Red, red wine

Actually, that’s misleading from the start, sorry. Today’s moderate level of suffering was solely the responsibility of white wine, but I don’t know a song about that, or a film and I’ve got to stick to my theme.  Even if rather loosely.  I’ll cook prawns in a red wine sauce for dinner in a bit if that makes you feel better.  Actually, that’s not true either because it’s nine o’clock and I should be going back to bed soon.  I will be eating a blueberry swirl ice cream as I type.  Just to keep you updated.

Shall I start again?

Probably best.

Today I think I’ve had my first hangover in about 9 years.  I got in from the bar at about 3, woke up at 6 needing the loo (like you need to know) had some water and – probably a mistake – a chocolate orange brownie.  I tried to have the sensible bacon sandwiches but that didn’t happen for a good six hours.  I’ve been tired, a little bit shaky from too much of a sugar rush and have spent the day very productively in bed watching Elementary and Southland.  For those of you who don’t know, Elementary is a modern-day Sherlock Holmes tv series set in New York with Johnny Lee Miller as Holmes and Lucy Liu as Joan Watson his sober companion.  It’s not as good as Sherlock but I like it.  Southland is a tv series about police in South Central LA.  It has Ben McKenzie (AKA Ryan ‘Fists of Fury’ Attwood from the OC) in it and is a better show, but harder to watch when feeling delicate.  Another show that has graced my computer screen today is Hart of Dixie, with Rachel Bilson (also OC) but by far the best is Grey’s Anatomy.  I love it, it’s trashy, it’s melodramatic, they keep killing off my favourite characters, but I can watch it over and over again whenever I am feeling like crap and it cheers me up.  When I run out of new episodes I go back to series 1 and start again…

Sorry, tangent, that happens when I’m eating ice cream.

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