You’ve gotta get a gimmick…

I’ve managed to get myself a little bit sorted out now – I’ve bought a back pack, packed it, un-packed it a but, left everything on my bed in the vain hope that it will sort itself out.  I’ve got a room in a Travelodge for the night before my flight, I’ve got Mum taking me to London in her Mystery Machine, ta Mum.  I’ve even gone so far as to book a hostel for my first few nights in Bangkok.  I know crazy, eh?  And in 20 minutes I’ll be off for my hepatitis A booster.

Well now I’m obviously procrastinating because I’ve yet to get up, have shower, get dressed, but I have come up with something to do in the next two weeks – make myself a travel companion!


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The Second Line Song Game: Part Deux.

The last one was pretty successful, I think we got most of the songs and those that we didn’t, well I can’t remember what they were anyway. My itunes was re-written for a new computer and ipod, so we may never know.

But for your entertainment, here’s another 25 second lines of songs for you to guess.  I’m looking for the first line, the artist and the song and I’ll put your name next to it if you get it right.  Oh, the fame!

  1. White lips, pale face Breathing in snowflakes. Ed Sheeran, A Team guessed by Louise
  2. Just like me love everlasting.
  3. One Love, one heart Let’s get together and feel alright. Bob Marley, One love guessed by Helen. Continue reading