The Bus

The rain falls steadily on the roof of the shelter.  Four large drips fall in the doorway, I had to make my way through them as I came in.  The rain has built to a sudden frenzy and is relentless.  There are small rivers running along the road and down the hill.  I back up against the wall of the shelter as the traffic rushes past, bring up tidal waves from the run off they pass through.

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The Coffee Shop – 22nd August

There’s a woman in a seat to my right complaining about her job again.  She’s a cleaner and she “won’t be finished until 5!” Last time I was here at this time, on my way to another festival, she was here complaining about her job.  Someone had not shown up so she would have to do extra. Fair enough.  I asked her if they had anyone they could call at short notice but she just shot me down and kept moaning.  I left her to her misery and drank my coffee.

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The Second Line Song Game: Part Deux.

The last one was pretty successful, I think we got most of the songs and those that we didn’t, well I can’t remember what they were anyway. My itunes was re-written for a new computer and ipod, so we may never know.

But for your entertainment, here’s another 25 second lines of songs for you to guess.  I’m looking for the first line, the artist and the song and I’ll put your name next to it if you get it right.  Oh, the fame!

  1. White lips, pale face Breathing in snowflakes. Ed Sheeran, A Team guessed by Louise
  2. Just like me love everlasting.
  3. One Love, one heart Let’s get together and feel alright. Bob Marley, One love guessed by Helen. Continue reading

The Train

I am multitasking in the quiet coach.  The external dvd drive has failed in its main purpose and the stand-up disc lies dormant in the shiny black casing.  So instead of watching funny people and quietly chuckling to myself I’m finishing The Metro’s Sudoku, chewing on my pen lid as I try and work out the logical positioning of the numbers – the ‘Easy’ one is always the hardest for me and the one I make most mistakes on as it takes a while for my brain to click back into that form of thinking.  Actually I’ve spotted an 8 in the wrong place.  Shit.  I have also been fixing the track names on my newly installed itunes as I hate it when one album comes up in 7 different parts because of one or to listing errors.  I am listening to the revolving selection of tracks from my collection, something from a Now album, then some jazz, musicals, punk, rock… It’s a bit more fun letting it sit on random.  Occasionally a song will come on that I think I should add to a playlist.  It will be titled ‘Film Soundtrack’ and I will walk around listening to it pretending I’m in a film about my own life.  I suspect I’ll find it hard to pick only 15 songs, the sort of standard for an OST.

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And the world was a song and the song was exciting…

…there was a time when it all went wrong.

I have an amazing ability to make myself feel and look like an absolute idiot.  I wish I could stop it but unfortunately it often stems from my own forlorn hope and attempts to make my life better.  So unless I stop trying to find ways to make myself happy I will invariably always end up looking like a tit.  I just wish I was better equipped to deal with it.

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The Park

Hyde Park, 1st of August.  The sunlight is streaming through the trees above me and a gentle breeze is whipping small ripples across the water.  I am cool and contented.  But earlier I wasn’t, I was hot, sticky and muggy and it all went a bit wrong.

I had to change in the park toilets.  Not into a dinosaur or a robot or anything, I had to change clothes because I am a rubbish packer and traveler.

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“Is it still rape if you kill her first?” – Pub Quiz question from Radio bar, Glasgow

Sometimes the world just makes me go ‘Seriously??!!???’

What's left of the Left?

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Last night myself and four others went to a bar called Radio in Ashton Lane, Glasgow for the pub quiz. It was a horrific experience. 

The quiz comprised sexist, misogynistic, and homophobic comments and questions, and most frightening of all, encouragement of rape and violence against women. From what I gathered, such comments happen every week, so the bar must be aware of them.

Comments and questions made included:

“What happened to the raging homo who walked from lands end to john o groats this week”

“Stephen Hawking is the biggest/most expensive vegetable, true or false?” (It was one of the two options, I was too shocked to take it in)

“Last week I was told my quiz was too male dominated, so this week we will have a whole round on tampons” (of which there subsequently was)

“Is it still rape if you kill…

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