The Coffee Shop – 22nd August

There’s a woman in a seat to my right complaining about her job again.  She’s a cleaner and she “won’t be finished until 5!” Last time I was here at this time, on my way to another festival, she was here complaining about her job.  Someone had not shown up so she would have to do extra. Fair enough.  I asked her if they had anyone they could call at short notice but she just shot me down and kept moaning.  I left her to her misery and drank my coffee.

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The Park

Hyde Park, 1st of August.  The sunlight is streaming through the trees above me and a gentle breeze is whipping small ripples across the water.  I am cool and contented.  But earlier I wasn’t, I was hot, sticky and muggy and it all went a bit wrong.

I had to change in the park toilets.  Not into a dinosaur or a robot or anything, I had to change clothes because I am a rubbish packer and traveler.

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